World Environment Day Tree Planting Challenge - June 2016

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On 3 June 2016 Conservation Volunteers will host a World Environment Day Tree Planting Challenge and they invite you to participate! Teams of 10 members each will have two hours to plant as many trees as they can. Each team will be judged based on both the number of trees planted and planting quality.

The Tree Planting Challenge is the perfect opportunity to show your commitment to the environment, build relationships and have fun. Planting trees benefits local environments tremendously by providing habitat for native and endangered birds and wildlife, removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (helping to combat climate change!) and preventing soil erosion. 

Conservation Volunteers has selected important priority sites to restore and you can check out their event page to find locations near your area. Entering costs $2,000 per team (up to 10 participants) and includes a BBQ lunch and a trophy awarded to the winning team. If you’re interested in participating in the Tree Planting Challenge, sign up before the 20th of May and join Advanced Ecotourism and Climate Action Leader Fun over Fifty

World Environment Day is run by the United Nations Environment Programme to promote worldwide awareness and action for the environment. It inspires environmental activities by individuals and groups from over 100 countries to have a collective positive impact on the planet. This is Conservation Volunteers' second year hosting a World Environment Day Tree Planting Challenge across Australia and New Zealand. Help them make it a success!




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