What is ROC Certification?

The Respecting Our Culture (ROC) program encourages the tourism industry to operate in ways that respect and reinforce Indigenous cultural heritage and the living cultures of Indigenous communities.

ROC certified tourism operators are committed to protecting cultural authenticity and integrity, developing sound business practices, environmental protection and acknowledging Indigenous peoples spiritual connection to the land and water.

Becoming ROC certified:

  • Provides a business with the tools and information to responsibly manage Indigenous cultural and natural experiences
  • Demonstrates respect and inclusion of Indigenous cultures and heritage
  • Recognises sustainable business and environmental practices
  • Provides a competitive edge in the Australian tourism industry

Is ROC Certification for you?

  • Do you provide a product focused on presenting cultural values of areas visited, particularly Indigenous cultural values?
  • Is most of each customer’s activity time spent experiencing cultural areas or learning about local culture?
  • Does your product help customers directly and personally experience local culture, without causing damage?

Most applicants apply for ECO and ROC Certification together because you can receive the benefits of both at the same cost. You can also apply for ROC Certification on its own.

Origins of ROC

The ROC program is a tourism industry development tool designed by Aboriginal Tourism Australia (ATA) and administered by Ecotourism Australia. It was produced through an ongoing national consultation by ATA with Indigenous communities, industry stakeholders and tourism operators.

ROC embraces national accreditation standards, making sure tourism experiences meet customer expectations in a professional and sustainable way. It also encourages the industry to operate with respect for Indigenous cultural heritage.

For more information, download our ECO & ROC Certification Essentials Guide.