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Want to help the environment while you are on holidays? The ECO Certification logo means that you are guaranteed to experience a genuine and authentic tour, attraction or accommodation option that looks after the environment. The ECO Certification program assures you that certified products are backed by a commitment to sustainable practices and provide high quality nature-based tourism experiences.

Avoid these common mistakes:

  • Ecotourism Australia - not Eco Tourism Australia
  • ECO Certification program - not eco-certified program or eco certification program
  • Ecotourism Australia is EA not ETA or EAA
  • Certification, not accreditation (and not Eco Australia Accreditation)
  • REMEMBER: You can be ECO certified at the Ecotourism level, or Ecotourism certified


Tourism in a natural area that leaves minimal impact on the environment.


Tourism in a natural area that leaves minimal impact on the environment and offers interesting ways to learn about the environment with operators that use resources wisely, contribute to conserving the environment and help local communities.


Australia's leading and most innovative ecotourism products that operate with minimal impact on the environment and provide opportunities to learn about the environment with operators who are committed to achieving best
practice, using resources wisely, contributing to conserving the environment and helping local communities.

Green Travel Leader

The Green Travel Leader logo celebrates 10 years of ECO Certification and represents a long-standing commitment to sustainability from our certified operators.  It is awarded to businesses which have consistently proven their commitment to sustainable tourism management over 10 years. This logo provides visitors with the knowledge that an operator has consistently held ECO Certification for a decade and showcases the operator’s commitment to sustainability. 


Ecotourism Destination Certification demonstrates a protected area’s commitment to establishing sustainable partnerships, community and stakeholder engagement, collaborative promotion, and environmental protection.


EcoGuides are tour guides committed to being masters of environmental knowledge in the areas they take you and
dedicated to providing authentic experiences. EcoGuides not only know how to ensure your adventures around Australia have minimal impact on the environment, but are very well experienced and have a passion for all things nature.


ROC Certified businesses are committed to protecting cultural authenticity and integrity, developing sound business practices, environmental protection and acknowledging Indigenous peoples’ spiritual connection to the land and water.

The Respecting Our Culture program also encourages the tourism industry to operate in ways that respect and reinforce the living cultural heritage and living cultures of Indigenous Communities.


Looking for a climate-friendly holiday? Look for the Climate Action Certification logo. Businesses carrying this logo have made a commitment to minimising their impacts on climate change through a range of energy and emission reduction strategies.


Businesses that have undertaken a set of adaption and emissions reduction actions but are not necessarily measuring their carbon footprint.


Businesses that have undertaken a set of adaption and emissions reduction and are auditing and measuring their
carbon footprint.


Businesses that have incorporated strategic climate change responses across all relevant levels of business planning and operations. They are measuring and auditing their carbon footprint via a creditable system; have undertaken an advanced level of adaptation, emissions reduction and offsetting strategies; and are working towards becoming carbon neutral.


This business/individual is affiliated with Ecotourism Australia through professional membership. Businesses/individual members are engaged in the ecotourism industry and share the values of ecotourism and sustainability.

Use of this logo does not indicate endorsement by Ecotourism Australia and may not be used to indicate Ecotourism Australia’s support of particular activities. 

Marketing and Use of Ecotourism Australia’s Certification Logos

The ECO Certification logo may only be used to promote products that have gained certification. If the certification logo is used on the front cover of a brochure containing both certified and non-certified products, the logo must always be accompanied by an asterisk next to the certified products and the following statement: “* this symbol nominates products that have gained certification under the ECO Certification Program.”

In the case of visual electronic media (e.g. television), the ECO Certification logo may only be used for
certified products. Operators must not imply that all products are equally certified if that is not the case. In
the case of audio electronic media (e.g. radio), certified products may mention the logo/certification, but the
audio script must not imply that all products promoted are certified.

If a brochure contains products with more than one level of certification, the certification logo of the lowest
level may be displayed on the front cover with an asterisk and a statement “*this symbol nominates products
that have gained certification under the ECO Certification Program.” Alternatively, the generic ECO Certified tourism logo below may be used where there are multiple levels of certification achieved. The appropriate level logo should be displayed alongside relevant products.

The Climate Action and Respecting Our Culture logos may only be used by businesses that have been certified through these programs. The logo may be used on the business’s website, brochure or other marketing collateral.

At no stage shall a business infers that a parent, sister or subsidiary company is certified unless an application has been approved for each business – or all businesses as a whole.

The Ecotourism Destination Certification logo may be used by the Protected Area Management Agency when promoting the certification of a specific protected area. It must not suggest that all commercial products owned and/or operated by the protected area are certified through this program, nor that it applies to commercial tourism businesses operating their products within the protected area.

The Green Travel Leader logo may only be used by businesses that have been awarded with Green Travel Leader status. The logo may be used on the business’s website, brochure or other marketing collateral. The logo can be displayed in addition to your current ECO certification and does not replace certification currently obtained by your business.

The EcoGuide logo may be used to advertise that products use the service of a certified EcoGuide for their tours. In the case where not all guides are certified EcoGuides, operators must not suggest that all tours are conducted by certified EcoGuides. In this instance the logo must be accompanied by an asterisk with the following statement: “*not all tours are conducted by certified EcoGuides”

The Business or Individual Membership logo may be used by Business or Individual members of Ecotourism Australia on their marketing collateral, website or other digital media to demonstrate their affiliation with Ecotourism Australia through our membership program. Members holding certification through one of Ecotourism Australia’s certification programs are not eligible to carry this logo and must use the appropriate logo for their certification.