Townsville Whale Watching’s over-whale-ming achievement!

Posted by Patrick Mills on 30 August 2016 | Comments

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Affordable Yacht Charters (AYC) have achieved Ecotourism Certification for Townsville Whale Watching (TWW) and their outstanding commitment to marine tourism in the Palm Islands.

Situated in Northern Queensland, the Palm Islands are part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park (GBRMP) - the largest living structure on the planet and home to millions of marine species.

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TWW offer small-scaled tours led by marine biologists with expert knowledge of the GBRMP. The guides provide excellent interpretation of the local area, the Great Barrier Reef and marine wildlife.

TWW actively support the conservation of the marine environment through their tourism activities. For example, this is seen in their efforts to collect any waste and debris found on their trips as well as in actively monitoring the behaviour of other whale watching boats. TWW also contribute to wildlife monitoring as part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority’s “Sightings Network,” providing them with all information on whale sightings.

TWW deliver a rewarding learning experience to their guests on site but also have an extensive social media presence that engages people all around the world. By regularly posting a range of videos and images, TWW rase awareness about humpback whales, highlighting the importance of protecting them for future generations.

Ecotourism Australia is proud to recognise AYC as an Ecotourism certified operator and acknowledges their commitment to conserving and raising awareness about marine wildlife.

Find out more about Townsville Whale Watching.

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