Congratulations to Rottnest Express for achieving Ecotourism Certification for their tours Adventure Rottnest Tour, Underwater Rottnest Tour and Discover Rottnest Tour!

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Located approximately 19 kilometres off-shore from Fremantle, Western Australia, Rottnest Island is an ‘A class reserve’ that has rich biodiversity both on land and in the surrounding areas, and is home to many endemic flora and fauna species.

Rottnest Express provides their visitors the opportunity to view the rugged coastline and wildlife that inhabit it during a 90-minute Adventure Rottnest Tour. The route circumnavigates the island in a purpose-built vessel, the Eco Express, stopping for wildlife viewing and providing passengers with expert commentary along the way.


Recognising the risks associated with operating near the marine environment, Rottnest Express views environmental responsibility as an integral function of their business. Rottnest Express aims to minimise impact to the environment and prevent harm to their employees, customers, communities and the environment.

Environmental risks associated with the tour include water pollution, such as fuel/oil leaks and waste/litter, and potential harm or disturbance to marine wildlife. A risk assessment has been conducted in accordance with PRO-001 Risk management procedure.

To minimise adverse effects on marine wildlife, the vessel operates in a way that does not restrict the normal behaviour of marine animals. The vessel does not approach close to breeding seals or sea-lions, whales or dolphins.

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Waste management for Rottnest Express Tours is conducted in accordance with the Rottnest Express Operational Environmental Management Plan which controls and minimises any impact associated with handling and management of general waste. Environmentally friendly materials are sourced and a culture of reduce, re-use and recycle is encouraged while hazardous waste is removed by licenced contractors. Rottnest Express employees are involved in a volunteer project planting native seedlings on the Island.

Rottnest Express looks forward to continuing engagement with school groups and their work with educators to provide customised tours for specific educational outcomes. They also plan to continue working with the Rottnest Island Authority and the Rottnest Island Volunteer Guides in a collaborative approach.

To find out more, check out their website and follow them on Facebook.


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