Congratulations to Whalesong Cruises for achieving Advanced Ecotourism certification!

Posted by Shenali de Silva on 5 September 2017 | Comments

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Whalesong Cruises have achieved Advanced Ecotourism for their tours, Whalesong Morning Whale Watch Cruises, Whalesong Sunset Whale Watch Cruises, Whale Search/Dolphin Watch Cruise and Fraser, Beach & BBQ Cruise.

Whalesong Cruises operator a modern, environmentally friendly multi-functional boat, providing tours out of Hervey Bay all year round. Specialising in whale and dolphin watching, small passenger numbers on their well-designed vessel provide ultimate viewing and ensure seating space for all.

Whalesong Cruises have identified their key environmental focus areas to be CO2 emissions, pollution control, animal interactions and protection and other impacts they may have in the marine environment. They have taken various measures to decrease these impacts.

Whale and Boat

Their MV Whalesong vessel is built out of composite material, the wood being from sustainable forests and the vessel being half the weight and half the horsepower of their previous vessel, which has reduced the overall emissions and level of engine noise, minimising waste through efficient use of materials and inputs. They also continually assessing the environmental impact of all their operations with the objective to continually monitor and improve their operations.

Whalesong Cruises believe that educating customers is a key component of sustainability and environmental awareness. Though their customer awareness, they aim to educate and inform their guests on ways that they can significantly reduce potential impacts on the environment and make them aware of the importance of environmental sustainability. Potential threats to flora and fauna such as discarding waste overboard, is explained and it is expected guests and crew have a high standard of care when engaging in this environment.

Guests are also educated on climate change and the impacts of warming waters on the whale’s migratory patterns as well as potential threats to local species. Their website offers information about these areas and informational pamphlets are available on request.

If you are looking to experience one of the closest encounters with humpback whales in the calm, sheltered waters on the Fraser Coast, check out Whalesong Cruises website and Facebook page. 

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