Whale One now Ecotourism certified!

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Congratulations to Whale One for achieving Ecotourism Certification.

Located on the Sunshine Coast, Whale One offers a variety of educational, entertaining and relaxing cruises. Centred around scenic routes along the Mooloolah River and the Whale Highway, Whale One enables guests to experience the natural wonders of the Sunshine Coast environment.

Achieving certification for their Whale-Watching Cruise, Dolphin & Marine Discovery Lunch Cruise, Sunset Cruise and Wild One Whale Watching Adventure - Whale One offers cruises and charter tours to cater for corporate and private functions as well as tourist groups. 

Whale One has proven their efforts to reduce environmental impacts, as well as support the local community and educate their guests about proper offshore waste disposal and code of conduct for whale encounters. 

They adhere to a nil discharge policy offshore, and have demonstrated their ability to properly process their waste and recycle and reuse where possible. For example, their office uses only recycled paper and reusable containers, cups and utensils.

Their vessels have been sound proofed to reduce noise pollution that may disturb whales and vessels are operated in a way that reduces wake and minimises shore erosion and impacts on seagrass, important ecosystems for dugongs, fisheries and many other marine species.

Visit Whale One's website to learn more.

Image: Whale One Facebook Page  

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