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Going on vacation always requires planning and forethought, even more so when you wish to keep your environmental impact at a minimum when traveling this wonderful planet. If you are struggling with your own plans for this year then become inspired by our newest Business Member, “Small Footprints, Big Adventures”.

Emma and Anthony and their children, Dante and Allegra, (from Victoria, Australia) travel and visit the most beautiful and exotic sites worldwide while also keeping a low footprint and having a low or no impact on the environment. Through their blog “Small Footprints, Big Adventures” they hope to help anyone on the path to more eco-friendly living and traveling.

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Emma explains how the necessary changes in behaviour are not always simple but big results can be achieved if you face issues one at a time:

“We choose overland travel wherever possible on our journeys, and choose to support responsible accommodations and tour operators. We also give back by supporting local people and economies, participating in ethical volunteering programs, and highlighting the great work of NGOs and eco-conscious operators on our blog.”

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With Small Footprints, Big Adventures you may also learn to lead a lifestyle that encompasses minimal waste, reusable products, organic foods, ethically-produced clothing, and sustainable traveling. Emma shares all the family’s experiences through their blog to promote businesses working for change and to support individuals on the path to change.

Emma wishes to aid in the transition to a greener life through a more personal approach:

“I will be launching a free email course in the next few months for anyone who wants some help in transitioning to a greener lifestyle one email a week with easy steps to grow from.”

 Emma also shared with us how they have been preparing for their next trip.

“Our family is preparing for an eco-friendly road trip around Australia at present, leaving next month. We love to travel together but want to ensure our adventures have minimal negative impact on other people, animals and the environment. We are converting a small 1970’s caravan to be as efficient as we can, with LED lights, eco-friendly paint, and solar panels, and we will use biodiesel as much as we can on our trip. We are looking forward to showing that travelling can be achieved with low emissions, and to supporting ethical and sustainable tours, park and activities around Australia. We love to feature responsible experiences on our blog, both to support their work and to show other travellers that these organisations provide as good or even better experiences than traditional organisations”

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We welcome Small Footprints, Big Adventures to the Ecotourism Australia community and congratulate this family for their inspiring work for others to learn from and for the work they do promoting businesses that are fighting to protect the beauty of this world.

To connect with Small Footprints, Big Adventures, visit their Facebook page or website.


[Images from Small Footprints, Big Adventures]

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