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Congratulations to Beyond Byron E Bikes for achieving Ecotourism Certification!

Based in the Byron Bay hinterland, in the charming Mullumbimby, Byron E Bikes offers guided tours on electric mountain bikes so everyone, no matter your fitness level, can enjoy a day out in nature.

E-Bike Tour

Photo: Beyond Byron E Bikes / Instagram

Beyond Byron E Bikes’ vision is to bring everyone closer to nature with their tours and to promote the use of electric bikes as a sustainable way of transport. They believe, as do we, that the deeper people’s connection with nature is, the more they will fight to protect it.

Beyond Byron E Bikes is fully licensed by National Parks NSW to operate. They offer four different tours to discover the Byron Bay hinterland area and the local national parks. Discover secret beaches, country lanes, hinterland cafes and other hidden spots that only the locals know.

Lush Hinterland Beach E Bike Tour

Photo: Lush Hinterland & Beach - E-Bike Tour

Hells Hole & Rainforest, their most popular tour, goes for about five to six hours and will allow you to explore Mount Jerusalem National Park rainforest by bike. It also involves a short hike to the Hells Hole falls where you can go for a refreshing swim in the pools.

Hells Hole Rainforest E Bike Tour

Photo: Hells Hole & Rainforest - E Bike Tour

All food provided in their tours is locally sourced, and they assess their suppliers based on a set of sustainability principles. The batteries used for the bikes are recharged in a facility fully powered by renewable electricity and are easily recycled. Plus, you can also buy an e-bike while you are there! Not only are e-bikes a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, but also to help improve your physical condition, and therefore your health.

Their partnership with means they plant one tree for every tour they run, going beyond offsetting their carbon footprint. is a local environmental NGO based in Byron Bay whose mission is to grow and plant trees that will reforest cleared land in subtropical Australia.

Congratulations once again to Beyond Byron E Bikes for achieving ECO Ecotourism certification and welcome to the Ecotourism Australia family!

For more information about Beyond Byron E Bikes visit their website, Instagram, or Facebook page

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