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Resting on the border of South Australia and Queensland, you will find a surprising outback oasis.

The Innamincka Hotel, which has just achieved Ecotourism Certification, is regarded an iconic meeting place for travellers, a hub for local tours and tourism, and an authentic outback pub experience. The word Innamincka is in fact derived from the Yandruwandha words ‘Yini’ and ‘mingka’ meaning ‘your waterhole’!

 Tourists Innamincka Hotel

 It’s a place steeped in history: In 1885 the Innamincka Hotel was built upon the banks of the Cooper Creek. Here, it thrived as a refuge for drovers, pastoral workers and shearers up until 1952. The entire town around the hotel struggled to stay viable with changes in modern transport and was declared a ghost town in 1956 after a devastating flood destroyed most buildings. It wasn’t until the early 1970s that the pub saw its revival, with a surge in 4WD vehicles and exponential growth in tourist demand for authentic outback experiences. The new Cooper Creek Hotel-Motel opened in 1973, which was subsequently renamed the Innamincka Hotel in 1983. Current owners Kym Fort and David Brook bought the hotel in 1999 and set about renovating and upgrading the infrastructure.

Historic Photo 

Today, the Innamincka Hotel in not just a hotel: guests have the chance to discover the delights of the Cooper Creek from the water, participate in 4WD tours of the majestic Coongie Lakes with experienced guides, camp along the banks of the Cooper Creek and enjoy the outback night sky under a blanket with the family at the Starlight Cinema.


Including an iconic bar that remains largely untouched since the 70s, and an outback dining experience like no other, this hotel offers one of the most authentic Australian outback experiences while also focusing heavily on sustainability. The owners have worked hard to ensure a water filtration plant has been included to the property, ensuring every tap in the pub runs with clean potable water from the Cooper Creek. A considerable investment in solar power has also seen the property run off solar since 2017. Through their commitment to creating an authentic experience for their guests while preserving the natural environment within which they operate, the Innamincka Hotel has achieved Ecotourism certification for their Innamincka Hotel and Motel, Cooper Creek Cruises and land based tours. Congratulations, Innamincka, and welcome to the Ecotourism Australia family!


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