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You’ve been gearing up for this trip for a while.

A keen explorer, you absolutely love nature and getting out into Australia’s hidden spots to discover unfamiliar places and immerse yourself in your surroundings.

You’ve always loved kayaking too: there’s something about the freedom that comes from being in a small vessel and having access to otherwise inaccessible beaches, islands, and coves that other people would never get the chance to see. And that peace and quiet of being out there, gliding gently through the water! All you can hear is your paddle hitting the surface and the sounds of the birds all around you. Kayaking really is a way to relax, unwind and refresh, and you always come back from a day out feeling rejuvenated.

This trip will be a little bit more adventurous than usual. You’ll be in a group but that’s good – you’re going further out and more remote than you normally would, so it will be good to have some likeminded company and a guide who knows the area.

You’re in the beautiful Batemans Bay coastal wilderness and as your tour begins, you travel through the stunning coastal scenery the south coast of New South Wales is famous for. Your kayak is big, and you’ve been able to take a towel, warmer clothing, your swimmers, hat, sunscreen and camera – all perfect and necessary for the beach stops along the way. Even better, food and coffee are provided! What a luxury.

The part of the tour you’ve been most excited about, though, and the one which has helped this tour company become known as the number one thing to do in Batemans Bay – is the chance of kayaking with whales.

For a while, you don’t know if it’s going to happen – it is nature, after all, and the whales will only come by if they want to. But suddenly, there it is - something in the water, not even that far away. It’s a whale and her calf – incredible!

The day goes by too quickly. On your way back to shore, you see sea birds and even a sea eagle flying above. No dolphins or seals this time… but as they say, you must always leave something for your next visit.

Region X Bucket List Files 1


Region X runs award winning, sustainable, nature-based kayaking tours throughout the Batemans Bay Marine Park of New South Wales and also offer cycling and hiking adventures. There are short and long kayaking tours; even a pizza paddle dinner tour and an oyster tasting kayak tour for the foodies of the world.

Josh Waterson, Director, says that what brings him the most joy in his business is seeing his guests amazed and satisfied with a day on the water.

This aligns well with the company’s vision to offer safe, secure and rewarding operations for guests which include interpretation and education of natural, cultural and historical attractions and minimal impact business practices.

Region X takes their environmental impact seriously and have been Advanced Ecotourism Certified, Respecting our Culture (ROC) Certified and Climate Action Business Certified since 2016. Their office is powered by 100% renewable energy and their kayaks are made from 100% recyclable materials.

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For more info about Region X and the amazing bucket list experiences they offer, check out their website or Facebook page.

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