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It’s been one of those months – the type of month where everything seems to happen all at the same time; where life is so busy that you feel like you just need to spend some time in nature so that everything else will fall into place again.

You’ve always loved the High Country of Victoria and East Gippsland region – there is such a variety of magnificent and largely unspoilt landscapes here, from the Victorian Alps to the ocean. It’s a region that needs to be explored slowly, as you never know what’s around the next corner. To fully appreciate its beauty, you need to take the time to notice the beautiful patterns in the bark of a snow gum, discover the little creatures that can be found in rock pools and get that perfect photo of the bird you keep seeing for just a few seconds before it flies off again.

It’s not the first time you’ve travelled with this eco tour operator – they’ve been around for 25 years and have such a good reputation plus, their guides have an incredible breadth and depth of knowledge about the areas they take their guests too. They’re the first company you thought of when you needed a ‘nature escape.’

This time, your group is about average size – 7 other nature lovers (including a few solo adventurers like you!) are with you for the next few days as you escape the busyness and routine of your normal life and spend time just ---- breathing.

Walking through snowgums and wildflowers Alps3373

It doesn’t take long to relax once you’re on your way. Whilst you all have the option to take it easy with the walking, your whole group is pretty keen and keeps up a good – but comfortable – pace.

It feels good to be outdoors! There are no time pressures, there’s no fuss; everything is incredibly well organised, from the beautiful breakfast you’re served in the mornings to the pillow you lay your head on in the evening.

It’s great spending time with the other group members and your guide, but you also get plenty of opportunities to just sit and absorb everything that’s going on around you. The solitude in itself is a real and rare treat.

You’ve started noticing – and maybe it’s because of these times of solitude – how the information the guides are giving you is sticking in your head astoundingly well. You’re more in tune with things somehow and noticing how everything in the ecosystem around you seems to work perfectly and harmoniously together.

It’s amazing how quickly you’ve started feeling rejuvenated. It’s like you’ve started to align yourself with the pace of nature – the sun rises, the sun sets – life is beautiful. In just a few short days you realise, yet again, what really matters.

What an important reminder.

Time for solitude as well as learning 515


Gippsland High Country Tours is a Green Travel Leader, having held Ecotourism Australia’s Advanced Ecotourism certification (along with Respecting our Culture (ROC) Certification) for almost 20 years.

The company runs ecotours and walks for those who are curious about the natural world, with a range of three to seven-day departures exploring natural areas including the Snowy River, Croajingolong, Errinundra and Alpine National Parks.

Priding themselves on their local guides who share their love and knowledge of natural history, Gippsland High Country Tours even have select departures which incorporate wildlife research with naturalist guides.

The love of nature and value placed on protecting it carry across to their tours: good environmental practices such as picking up rubbish, removing weeds and recording data on birds or wildlife are encouraged and incorporated.

Our collection of beach rubbish Croajingolong 2391


For more info about Gippsland High Country Tours and the amazing bucket list experiences they offer, check out their website or Facebook page.

Gippsland High Country Tours Bucket List.bird


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[All photos courtesy of Gippsland High Country Tours]



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