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This week we are exited to welcome Southern Fire Wellness to the Ecotourism Australia family. Achieving Ecotourism Certification on their Cape to Cape Healing tours, Southern Fire Wellness is a tour operator offering a unique and valuable experience.

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Unlike traditional treks along the Cape to Cape track, this trek is designed specifically for those suffering from depression, disconnection, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety or anger issues.

Through his own struggles and experiences, owner and head guide Daniel Kozyriski has developed these tours to share his healing journey and help others in their struggles.  Southern Fire Wellness is centred on healing by discovering your connection to the land, overcoming the challenges of the trek, and engaging in spiritual exercises and meditations.

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Working closely with the Wadandi peoples, the traditional land owners of the Wadandi Boodja (Saltwater People’s Country) which makes up the area that encompasses the Cape to Cape trek, Southern Fire Wellness has a heavy focus on respecting and embracing traditional Indigenous cultural values and practices in the healing process. Additionally, Southern Fire Wellness extend their commitment to sustainability by encouraging visitors to use in planning their trip to assist in keeping the experience carbon neutral.

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Participants on the trek have the option of several programs that vary in length of the trek, depending on the individual needs of participants. Southern Fire Wellness has options for guided day treks, overnight camps and can cater to those seeking a challenge with the complete Cape to Cape walk with partially guided and self-guided sections.

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We would like to congratulate Southern Fire Wellness on continuing to develop their dedication to sustainability, by achieved Ecotourism Certification on their tours.


[All images sourced from Southern Fire Wellness Instagram]  

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