Seabob Jet Australia achieves Ecotourism certification

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Congratulations to SEABOB Jet Australia for achieving Ecotourism certification. 

The SEABOB is the worlds fastest personal underwater jet, a German-designed and manufactured electric underwater sled operated using simple body movements. With zero emissions and an almost silent operation mode, it is an environmentally friendly and adventurous way to explore the Great Barrier Reef. It can reach speeds of 16km/hr underwater, 20km/hr on the surface and dive to a depth of up to 40m.

SEABOB Jets Australia offers tours to three locations on the Great Barrier Reef - Hayman Island, Frankland Islands and Daydream Island. Tours are guided by marine experts who are active in the diving industry and provide information about wildlife interactions and how to explore the ocean without leaving a trace - for example by understanding the impact of sunscreen on corals. They also encourage their guests to to consider carbon offsetting. 

Check out SEABOB Jet Australia's interactive website to learn more and start your SEABOB Jet adventure.


Image courtesy of SEABOB Jet Australia.

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