Savannah Guides take on management of EcoGuide Certification Program

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Ecotourism Australia (EA) and Savannah Guides (SG) have deepened their partnership, with SG taking on the management role for the EcoGuide Certification program. The aim of this arrangement is to bring greater benefit to our existing EcoGuide and Savannah Guide members through access to training and by creating a larger grouping of Australia’s premier nature guides.

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A survey of EcoGuides conducted in late 2016 showed 90% of respondents in support of this Agreement with the key benefits they saw as ‘Access to extensive guiding resources’, ‘Professional guide training’ and ‘Industry professional development’. Some anonymous comments from the survey include:

“I think this is an excellent initiative, especially as I hope it will bring us closer to a national accreditation scheme for guides and provide much-needed access to professional development for EcoGuides”.

“Any initiatives that avoid duplication and focus on consistent guiding quality in Australia is a good thing”.

Guiding in Australia remains challenging with little professional development opportunities, career path and clear recognition of experience. This has been the case for many years and a primary reason why programs such as EcoGuides and Savannah Guides were created. Bringing the programs together allows nature guides to have a stronger voice and influence.

Ecotourism Australia will continue to promote the EcoGuide program but refer inquiries to Savannah Guides. Existing EcoGuides will receive further detailed information on the management changes in coming days. 

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