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It’s the end of January, and if you’re in the 50% of the Australian population that set new year’s resolutions for 2018, you may or may not already be doubting whether you’re going to last the distance.

After all, statistics show that 88% of new year’s resolutions fail due to lack of planning and preparedness for long-term change.

But don’t let that discourage you from taking steps in a positive, new direction. As one writer has suggested, it’s important to set resolutions that align with your values so that any required changes will come more naturally. It’s also important, as another writer has suggested, that you don’t let setbacks halt your progress. Creating new habits takes time and dedication, so don’t be too hard on yourself!

Here at Ecotourism Australia, we’re all about inspiring environmentally sustainable and culturally responsible tourism. But we know that being conscious of our impact shouldn’t just be something we think about when we travel.

That’s why we’ve put our heads together and come up with our very own 2018 Eco Resolutions – and yep, we’re making them public so that you, our members and readers, can keep us accountable.

Here they are:

Rod Hillman – CEO

“My eco-resolution for this year is to use less plastic & reduce my carbon footprint.”

7. Coffee Face Scrub










Emily Ellis – Operations Manager

“I’m aiming for zero waste to landfill at home by starting a bokashi composting system or small worm farm to deal with organic waste and to compliment my household and soft plastics recycling efforts.

… Oh, and I’m also getting creative with my leftover ground coffee and trialing recipes to create the best coffee body scrub!”

 Aya Pigdon – Program Administrator (Mon, Tues, Wed)

“My goal is to support local businesses that sell locally produced goods which will decrease the emissions produced by production and transportation. Supporting these businesses will also strengthen local communities.”

Nadine Schramm – Program Administrator (Thurs, Fri)

“I want to reduce food waste and plan ahead better. I am also always trying to encourage my boyfriend and housemates to use less plastic and recycle more.”











 Robin Pickett - Intern

“Mine would be meat reduction. I think some people see becoming vegetarian or vegan as too much of a game changer and therefore forgo the opportunity to still do something positive for the environment by simply cutting down the amount of meat in their diet. This can be as simple as replacing the weekly chilli con carne with soya mince instead of beef or having a vegetable curry once in a while instead of always chicken jalfrezi! Reducing meat reduces the amount of land needed for farming and decreases the amount of CO2 and methane being released into the atmosphere. Plus, veggies are healthy!”

Oh, and me?

Lina Cronin – Communications and Audit Manager

I’m going to start replacing everyday household items with products that are responsibly produced. Whilst I need to buy soap, coffee and dishwashing detergent, for example, I can choose to buy from companies that are doing their best to look after the planet instead of just buying the cheapest brand or the one that’s on special. By building these slight changes into my every day, I can make a small (but not insignificant!), positive difference to our beautiful planet.

What are your eco resolutions for 2018? 

P.S. Still need ideas? Check out this amazing reference from the United Nations - they're even saying that you don't need to leave the couch to make a difference. What was that you were saying about excuses?


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