Mandigalbay Yidinji Eco Cultural Tours now Nature and ROC certified!

Posted by Patrick Mills on 18 August 2016 | Comments

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Congratulations to Mandigalbay Yidinji Eco Cultural Tours (MYECT) in achieving Nature and Respecting our Culture (ROC) Certifications!

MYECT take place in the unique Mandingalbay Yidinji Country (MYC), in tropical north Queensland, east of Cairns. The operator delivers fascinating tours along the coastal wet tropics and Great Barrier Reef National Park Heritage Area.

MYECT excels in providing unique interpretive experiences through interactive activities with local MYC guides. Their bushwalking activities immerse visitors in the breathtaking tropical landscape with a minimal impact on the natural environment.


MYECT really stands out in its efforts to conserve local cultural heritage whilst actively supporting the development of the MY community. This is seen in its sensational youth program, providing MYC’s younger generations with guidance and support to become tomorrow’s rangers.

Ecotourism Australia recognises MYECT as a brilliant example of how to provide an exciting and informative experience to visitors with a minimal impact to cultural and environmental heritage.

Learn more about the Mandigalbay Yidinji Country and Mandigalbay Yidingji Eco Cultural Tours!

Image credit; Djubunji Land and Sea Program 

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