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Ecotourism Australia is pleased to announce that Managing Australian Destinations has joined its membership as a new Business Member.

Managing Australian Destinations is a Queensland-based destination management company providing a range of ground management, event production services and team building activities for group movements around Australia.

With 25 years of operating experience and a company commitment to environment practises, Managing Australian Destinations promotes the use of Ecologically sensitive suppliers and promotes environmental awareness through its management practises and event design.

Managing Australian Destinations offers tourism products ranging from personalised tours and team building activities to product launches and gala events. Some of its unique tourism products and services feature coral health team building exercises and a proclivity for managing themed galas and dinners.

Team Building - Coral Brief

In running personalised team building activities, one option is the Coral Brief. This activity provides the opportunity to contribute to helping sustain one of the great wonders of our world while forming new bonds and lasting memories with team mates.

Coral Brief takes guests to the Low Isles, about 1 hour from Port Douglas. Here, guests are provided with an educational experience learning about reef health and contributing to scientific research by measuring coral health with coral health ID charts and underwater writing slates. Guests can choose from a range of transport options on the coral cay from stand-up paddle boards, to snorkelling, or by foot.

Managing Australian Destinations 2

Dinners and Events

Managing Destinations Australia can design and run dinners and events catering from an intimate 30-person dinner on a remote beach in the Kimberly to a 3000 person dinner in the tropical rain forest.

mad logo business member

Having won the European Incentive & Business Travel Mart’s international award for the most environmentally conscious Destination Management Company, Managing Australian Destinations has a furthered their commitment to sustainability by joining ECO Tourism Australia as a Business Member. We are glad to welcome Managing Australian Destinations to our Business Membership and wish them every success in their future endeavours.

To find out more about Managing Australian Destinations visit their Website or Facebook page.

[Photos courtesy of Managing Australian Destinations website]

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