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Operating in the prehistoric surroundings of the Daintree, Cairns Adventure Group believe it is imperative to keep Indigenous culture at the forefront of their guests’ entire experience, beginning with proper Australian welcome. Traditional Owners, the Kuku Yalanji people, offer daily welcome to country and smoke ceremonies for all new visitors, showcasing traditional Australia on a worldwide scale. This gives guests insight into the Kuku Yalanji’s special relationship with this iconic location as well as supporting the Mossman Gorge center's Indigenous training program. 

 CAG Ceremony

Ensuring that Indigenous culture is at the forefront of their visitors’ experiences is important to Cairns Adventure Group as this highlights the cultural significance of the land which international guests are visiting, and helps ensure that language is preserved for the local community. The focus on Indigenous culture is carried through the day tours as the Kuku Yalanji’s home in the Daintree rainforest is explored through fun adventure experiences.

“The Kuku Yalanji’s relationship with the Daintree is fascinating. Their understanding of the weather and its influences on the cycles of the rainforest has enabled the community to flourish in what is a challenging environment,” explains team member Sophie Hamilton.

Cairns Adventure Group has recognised international intrigue in Indigenous culture and provide education on the use of plants and the wide range of bush foods available that is often unheard of in their region of the world. The group feel it’s important to keep the history of their region alive, both for Indigenous communities but also for the wider population and generations to come. They have successfully been able to tie in Indigenous cultural teaching and experiences into their operations whilst supporting locals and sharing their culture.

 CAG Rafting

We will continue to visit our friends, the Kuku Yalanji at Mossman Gorge to support them and help their community to thrive,” says Sophie.

Cairns Adventure Group work hard to bring traditional Australian culture to a global audience. In this way they hope that their guests will leave with a newfound understanding of how people once lived in with the land and the importance of protecting and celebrating Australia’s rich and diverse culture.

Thank you, Cairns Adventure Group, for sharing your story with us!


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