Good news for Tasmania's World Heritage Area

Posted by on 30 June 2014 | Comments

Last week brought good news for Tasmania's World Heritage Area as UNESCO refused the Federal Government's bid to delist more than 70,000 hectares of forest.

The United Nations' World Heritage Committee delegates from Portugal attending the meeting in Doha said "accepting this delisting would set an unacceptable precedent" and it took reportedly just ten minutes for the committee to reject the Government's application.

The Coalition's reasoning behind the proposal was to remove areas of degraded forest and plantation timber from the boundaries of the World Heritage Listing - an application Prime Minister Tony Abbott believed was "self-evidently sensible". 

Had the application been approved, Australia would have been the third country ever, after Tanzania and Oman, to delist one of it's properties, damaging the Nation's integrity and credibility in the World Heritage Convention and harming the Nation's 'Natural Advantage' in the tourism spectrum. 

To read more about UNESCOs decision, click here.

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