Fun Over Fifty on a Mission to Go Green and take home Gold

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Fun Over Fifty are on a mission to Go Green and are encouraging others to do the same. With multiple sustainability initiatives underway, there’s no stopping their progress now!

Fun Over Fifty specialise in taking guests on journeys of discovery through pristine environments, rugged wilderness, heritage listed locations and deserts of Australia so beautiful they aim to preserve; with a portion of tour income donated to these select regions.

At the 2016 QANTAS Tourism Awards held in Darwin, Fun Over Fifty took home a Gold Award in the Tour and Transport category! This annual ceremony calls for industry innovators to celebrate their achievements and receive recognition for their contribution to the tourism industry.

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“Each year Fun Over Fifty enters the awards – recognition is one thing, but the process of application has driven us to improve our business model and strive for greatness.”- Fun Over Fifty.

It is their goal that these steps towards success, and actioned initiatives, will help preserve and protect wildlife and natural wonders for future generations of over 50’s.

“…to ensure our amazing tourism destinations will be seen by future generations, we need to act sustainably, search for new innovations and constantly look to improve the way in which we interact with the environment, society and economy of the places we visit.”-Fun Over Fifty

Fun Over Fifty utilise their Eco Mission to encourage travel operators and travelers to go green, extending on from their past initiatives including the Green Guest Policy created in 2015 and their Being Seen Being Green Initiative.

Their initiatives have given them the opportunity to be certified with Ecotourism Australia, certifying 81 out of their 101 tours as either Advanced Ecotourism or Ecotourism. 50 of their products are Advanced Ecotourism certified, the highest level of ECO certification.

Fun Over Fifty is also 1 of only 12 businesses nation-wide to achieve Climate Action Leader certification which demonstrates and recognises their commitment to measuring and auditing their carbon footprint via a creditable system, undertaken an advanced level of adaptation, emissions reduction and offsetting and are working towards becoming carbon neutral. They offset 100% of their carbon emissions for their coach fleet through partnership with Greenfleet who plant native trees in permanent forests to offset the emissions.


Their national campaign combines these initiatives and policies under one over-arching programme, ‘Our People and Planet’. The programme incorporates the Green and Gold Army, the Green Bank and a concept called ‘small change’, which is successful globally and within Australia. Travelers are encouraged to donate loose change into the Green Bank system created to support environmental and sustainable causes which include planting Bio-diverse native forests in Australia partnering alongside Greenfleet Australia, protecting wildlife on the Great Barrier Reef and nearby islands, restoration of flora and fauna, supporting youth communities in Northern Territory and families who have lost young children.


The Green and Gold Army was designed for passionate travelers who support Fun Over Fifty’s philosophy and focus on transformation and protection of our environment. The Army endeavours to be involved with in-land and coastal rejuvenation events in the future, but currently focuses on combining fun tours with environmental contributions and incentives. Travelers involved are rewarded with low cost tours, as the company engages local suppliers and donate coach travel to reduce the costs.

We would like to show our support and congratulate Fun Over Fifty for their remarkable efforts, and are proud to have them as a member of Ecotourism Australia.

To join hundreds of others in this mission, apply for certification with Ecotourism Australia today and we can assist you with your business and sustainability goals. 

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