Bruxner Park Flora Reserve achieve Ecotourism certification

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Congratulations to Bruxner Park Flora Reserve for achieving Ecotourism certification for their nature-based destination in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales. 

Bruxner Park Flora Reserve boasts stunning vistas over the Coffs region towards the coast. The centerpiece of the Reserve is Sealy Lookout with the majestic Forest Sky Pier and stunning picnic area. The Gumgali track is an indigenous interpretive walk down to Korora Lookout with unparalleled views of the Solitary Islands Marine Park.  For a truly immersive forest experience, a collection of pristine Rainforest Walks leave from The Gap.

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Given its popularity and close proximity to the popular beach destination of Coffs Harbour, Bruxner Park Flora Reserve has placed great importance on maintaining minimal impact management principles in the running of the reserve. Their primary objectives in environmental management include the protection of existing flora, fauna and forest ecosystems, protection of Aboriginal and archaeological values, providing support for research and scientific studies, and to promote knowledge and understanding of the ecosystems and history of the Reserve and its surrounding areas.

Gumgali Track Orara East State Forest 28

During construction, consideration was given to minimise environmental impact and showcasing local timbers that fit harmoniously with the natural environment. Bruxner Park Flora Reserve take care to protect their Reserves and multiple bushland restoration programs have been carried out with the engagement of Conservation Volunteers Australia within the Reserve over time to maintain the high conservation values. They also foster strong relationships with traditional owners and the local aboriginal community, engaging Aboriginal Partnership liaisons to ensure correct and appropriate consultations and relations are maintained. Forestry Corporation are also committed to contributing to carbon cycle research and maintaining carbon accounting requirements, actively calculating and reporting annually on the amount of carbon that is sequestered and stored in the native forest estate, they're also committed to reducing carbon emissions by increasing the efficiency of its operations. 

To find out more about Forestry Corporation of NSW and Bruxner Park Flora Reserve, please click here.


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