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Posted by Ashira Crisp on 17 November 2016 | Comments

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We are very pleased to announce our newest business member, ERTC Associates!

ERTC, based in Beijing, China is a cross-border design and consulting organization, focusing on the sustainable development and promotion of tourist destinations. They provide tourist destination planning and architectural design, as well as marketing and management services relevant to the promotion of tourist destinations. The service team at ERTC is made up of a variety of specialists and scholars currently active in tourist destination development in China and abroad, with decades of international experience in planning and designing domestic and foreign projects.

As well as regional tourism development and the relevant planning, design and promotional work for tourist destinations, holiday villages, scenic spots and theme parks, ERTC also provides services to governments, banks, investors and property developers.

The services ERTC can provide, range from a one-stop service for project planning and conceptual overall planning, to detailed construction planning, architectural design, engineering project management and operational promotion. Moreover this company possesses a variety of industry partners which maximizes the advantages of collaboration, and prepares optimum plans, meeting local actual conditions which reduces the investment risk of employers.

ERTC is dedicated to the sustainable development of culture and ecological environment and the improvement of tourists' experience at tourism destinations, and pays close attention to new global trends of vacation lifestyle.

The projects undertaken by ERTC range from medical tourism in Ganzi, in the providence of Sichuan, to cultural tourism in the form of an ethnic cultural park in Tuoba Xianbei (Inner Mongolia) all the way to theme parks designed to look like a fairy tale version of Northern Europe.

A project that especially caught our attention is the Yunnan Xinping Gasa Leisure Resort which is currently analysing the current situation of tourism development in Gasa and the participation degree of local minority communities. The goal of this project is to "build" a "new Gasa" showcasing its beauty and uniqueness with new age charm, aiming at the co-prosperity and sustainability of communities. The hope is that the "New Gasa" will serve as a role model for tourism developments for other minority culture regions in China.

The highlights of this project include, but are not limited to ecological and low-carbon sustainability, emphasizing on effective protection of cultural heritage and natural heritage of minorities as well as cultural respect between tourists and local minorities.

Please join us in welcoming ERTC and we look forward to seeing what other interesting and exciting projects they will taking on in the future!

For more information please visit ERTC's website:

Photo credit: ERTC webpage

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