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Congratulations to Epic Ocean Adventures on achieving Nature Tourism certification for their Kayaking Tours, Stand up Paddle Lessons, Surf Lessons and Kitesurfing lessons!

Epic Ocean Adventures hold all its tours and lessons within the Cooloola section of the Great Sandy National Park. The natural beauty of the National Park complements these aquatic based activates and inspires visitors to learn about the park’s environment.

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Knowing the importance of operating within a National Park, Epic Ocean Adventures has a strong role in the rehabilitation and prevention of environmental damage for the Great Sandy National Park. Location inspections are carried out daily to ensure the avoidance of bird and turtle breeding sites and further minimise the risk of damage occurring from site overuse. Departure times for tours and activities are coordinated with low tide to avoid using long tracks which could harm dunes and areas of high vegetation.

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Epic Ocean Adventures provide environmental induction training to all their staff to ensure they are properly aware of their roles and environmental responsibilities. Tour guides take responsibility for educating visitors on the importance of keeping the National Park in pristine condition and brief them on how to interact with marine life in ways which minimise disturbance. Visitors are strongly encouraged to collect any litter or foreign objects they see and return it to the tour guide or trailer box for proper disposal.

Throughout the tours and activities guides keep look out for injured wildlife, new nesting sites or damage to the surroundings such as graffiti and report important observations to QPWS. Guides are aware of highly sensitive areas such as sand dunes and vulnerable vegetation sites and ensure visitors remain away from these locations.

With most of the activities held at secluded locations, Epic Ocean Adventures provides visitors with an uncrowded and unspoiled location to master new skills and watch wildlife.

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We are happy to welcome Epic Ocean Adventures to Ecotourism Australia and once again congratulate them on their achievement.

For more information please visit their Website or Facebook page.

(All photos taken from facebook page)

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