Carbon management consultancy Conversio becomes business member

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Carbon management expert Conversio has joined Ecotourism Australia as our newest business member.

Conversio is a carbon accounting and reporting consultancy that finds and implements cost-effective carbon solutions for businesses. They work with organisations to calculate and report operational carbon footprints, manage carbon and energy performance and achieve carbon neutrality. These services can help bring about a range of business benefits including increased efficiency, lower costs and an enhanced reputation. 

A carbon footprint is an effective first step in identifying the overall carbon intensity of business operations, products or services. It improves a business’s understanding of the key drivers affecting emissions by assessing the relationship between emissions, energy consumption and other business metrics. It also allows firms to assess their exposure to carbon emissions-related laws and regulations or prepare for voluntary sustainability reporting.

Conversio's director Alex Stathakis aims to reduce emissions, increase energy efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs among his clients. Prior to running his own business, Alex worked within business services organisation EY’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services team in Brisbane. He was also the program manager for the Federal Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard Carbon Neutral Program at Low Carbon Australia and he is currently one of three approved verifiers in Australia under the Airport Carbon Accreditation program.

Conversio ensures that its solutions are fit for purpose for small to medium-sized firms by focusing on business strategies and values alongside operational procedures. For businesses that are just getting started, have already implemented some carbon initiatives, or would like to take the next step, Conversio can help make informed decisions about which sustainability measures to adopt to reach business objectives.

Visit Conversio's website to learn more about their services.


Special Offer

Conversio is offering a special deal to Ecotourism Australia members– The Sustainability Starter Package. This includes a basic carbon footprint, a report outlining opportunities for improvement, as well as a specifically-tailored sustainability statement for the business for just $750 + GST. Simply mention “Ecotourism Australia” when contacting Alex.


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