Congratulations to Wilderness Escape Outdoor Adventures for achieving Nature Tourism Certification!

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Congratulations to Wilderness Escape Outdoor Adventures for achieving Nature Tourism Certification for their products, School Outdoor Education Camps, Study Tours and Adventure Tours and Adventure Based Day Programs.

Operating since 1991, Wilderness Escape Outdoor Adventure (WEOA) is the largest provider of school camps, excursions and outdoor pursuits in South Australia and one of the largest in Australia.

WEOA provide outdoor experiences to school students from a junior primary level up to senior secondary. Programs are tailormade to suit the needs of the particular school, class or youth group and are designed around the curriculum. WEOA aims to improve the relationship that the guests have with the outdoors, and enjoy a range of recreational and educational experiences.

Tree tops

WEOA focus on developing three facets of Outdoor Education:

  • Communities (relating to others)
  • Individuals (relating to self)
  • Natural World (relating to the environment)

WEOA place great importance on protecting and preserving the environment they operator in. They have implemented a range of strategies to minimise their environmental impact while operating tours and educating their guests. These include following strict guidelines around fire usage, bush walking, mountain biking, low impact snorkelling techniques and responsible waste disposal.


All staff attend a training camp which introduces them to the policies and procedures regarding taking guests into the outdoors. WEOA also provide ongoing training and staff development

We are very excited that Wilderness Escapes Outdoor Adventures have achieved Nature Tourism for their tours and welcome them to the Ecotourism Australia community. 

For further information on their programs, you can check out their website or Facebook page.

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