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Congratulations to our newest certified operator, The Shores Holiday Apartments, on achieving Nature Tourism Certification.   

Located on the Northern Beaches of Mackay, The Shores Holiday Apartments is an ideal spot for beach lovers who seek to escape the crowds for a holiday close to nature. Kerryn and Peter Deck operate an award winning concept of 36 fully self-contained holiday apartments in a sustainable beachfront environment. Committed to making a difference in society, they endeavour to play a big role by creating a more equal, inclusive and sustainable world. This underpins some of their fundamental values of a ‘green, clean and sustainable’ operation, and with these values in mind, they are committed to minimising waste generation as far as possible.

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Source: The Shores Holiday Apartments

The beachfront location makes it an ideal spot for social gatherings, birthday parties and weddings, where the spacious outdoor area provides guests with a wide range of options. The outdoor area has a large BBQ area, a dining setting and a beachfront viewing platform. The large open lawn offers great opportunities for larger gatherings, where there is plenty of space for setting up marques, a stage and external caterers to serve food.    

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Source: The Shores Holiday Apartments

Source: The Shores Holiday Apartments

The area around The Shores Holiday Apartments is home to a wide range of flora and fauna, where humpback whales are often spotted passing the Blacks Beach. It is also home to many bird species, both migratory and non-migratory. The Blacks Beach is also one of the most important turtle nesting and hatching spots in the region, and guests can, under supervision, assist in relocating turtle eggs away from the beach.  

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Source: The Shores Holiday Apartments

We are excited to welcome The Shores Holiday Apartments  to Ecotourism Australia and once again congratulate them on their achievement.

For more information about The Shores Holiday Apartments please visit their website or Facebook page.

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