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Ecotourism Australia is proud to announce Reef Ecologic as a new addition to the family. Based in Townsville (QLD), the Marine Environmental Consultancy has achieved Climate Action Business Certification. The Climate Action Certification program recognises Reef Ecologic’s commitment and dedication to sustainable practices that address climate change.

Reef Ecologic was founded in 2015 by Dr Adam Smith and Dr Paul Marshall. Dr Smith is now the sole Managing Director and is surrounded by a specialised, deeply involved coral-reef-loving staff. 

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Tropical marine ecosystems are threatened by complex processes requiring innovative design along with preventive and restorative operations. Their mission is to provide strategic advice, research and training to understand and address the environmental challenges facing coral reefs worldwide and the people that depend upon them.

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 Focusing on a collaborative approach, the team works with different business sectors, governments, NGOs, coral reef managers, coastal communities and universities at the national and international level.

Delivering 15 to 40 environmental projects annually, Reef Ecologic overviews all management objectives, targets and plans involving quality, environment, health, safety and financial sectors of each stakeholder. The company ensures that management and operations are compliant with relevant regulations and in line with Reef Ecologic key ethical values: People-first, Leadership, Environmental Responsibility, Excellence and Passion, Collaboration and Responsiveness, Ethical and Quality Science.

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 The organisation interacts and partners with a diverse network of cross-industry interested parties, including Townsville Council, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA), the CSIRO and Citizens of the GBR to the Museum of Underwater Art (MoUA), Sealink Queensland and Bungalow Bay Koala Village.

As a leading environmental organisation, Reef Ecologic also provides opportunities for local and international students to participate in their exciting projects.

Congratulations again to Reef Ecologic for their amazing work and for their newly achieved Climate Action Business Certification!

For more information, visit the Reef Ecologic webpage, or check them out on Facebook.


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[Header Image, left to right: Nathan Cook, Gemma Molinaro, Jo Stacey, Al Songcuan, Dr Adam Smith, Dan Cassidy, Greta Sartori]


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