Congratulations to Pippies Beachhouse for achieving Ecotourism Certification for their 3 Day/2 Night Tag-A-Long Tour!

Posted by Shenali De Silva on 22 August 2017 | Comments

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Visit Fraser Island (K’gari) on the ultimate Australian 4x4 beach driving and camping adventure. Experience 4x4 driving yourself in one of the tag-a-long vehicles visiting amazing freshwater lakes, ancient rainforests to Champagne pools and Coloured sands. Spot wildlife from Indian Head, view a shipwreck along the beach and float down an amazing freshwater stream taking in the serenity.

Pippies Beachhouse Tag-a-Long Tour have demonstrated their commitment to environmental management by implementing a number of measures before, during and after their tours to ensure that minimal impact guidelines are followed. These include; adhering to maximum tour capacity recommended by Queensland Parks, provide details on safety and best behaviour information prior to tour conducted by qualified guides, sanitary and garbage facilities available at a permanent campsite and instructions to stay on designated tracks.


Pippies educate their guests on the ecological significance of each area on Fraser Island (K’gari) which aims to create an appreciation of the ecological significance and environmental conservation of the areas visited. Guest are also educated about the behaviour of the local dingos, how to interact with them and the danger they can pose.

On occasions, guest have the opportunity to witness cultural dances and storytelling performed by the local Butchulla people of Fraser Island (K’gari). These dances and stories provide a unique opportunity for guests to witness and experience the culture and appreciate beautiful Fraser Island (K’gari). 

We are very pleased to have Pippies Beachhouse 3 Day/2 Night Tag-A-Long Tours Ecotourism Certified and we would like to welcome them to the Ecotourism Australia community!

If you would like to know further information about Pippies Beachhouse's tour, check out their website and Facebook page.

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