Congratulations to Palace Adventures on Achieving Ecotourism Certification!

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Congratulations to Palace Adventures on Achieving Ecotourism Certification!

Palace Adventures’ Fraser Island Tour has achieved Ecotourism certification by minimising their impact on local flora and fauna and educating their guests about wildlife interaction and disturbance.

Palace Adventures is based in Hervey Bay, Queensland and runs “tag-along tours” on the stunning heritage-listed Fraser Island, which is considered to be the largest sand island in the world at 1,840 km2. Fraser Island has an incredible amount of biodiversity ranging from rainforests, eucalyptus woodlands, mangrove forests, wallum and peat swamps, sand dunes and coastal heaths, which makes it an excellent location for visitors from all over the world to catch a glimpse of Australia’s beauty. The self-drive 4x4 safari tag-along tour involves a 3-day and 2-night beach camping experience, allowing guests to drive their own 4x4 vehicle with the supervision and expertise of a local tour guide who leads the group in a separate vehicle.

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Guides escort their guests to various highlights on the island and provides historical, environmental and cultural interpretation along the way. Palace Adventures take note of the finer details when ensuring they level a minimal impact; guests are instructed not to walk in sensitive areas, and when is the best time to apply sunscreen to keep the lakes on Fraser Island in a pristine condition.

All campsites are semi-permanent and have been selected in areas allowing for minimal impact on trees and plants. To minimise the risk of pollution, each campsite is also equipped with a portaloo, rubbish bins and all campsites are cleaned before the group departs. Whilst driving on the island, guides promote minimal impact driving techniques and precautions, including; following the tracks designated by the park authorities and ensuring each vehicle is equipped with a liquid spill kit in case of any leaks.

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This world heritage site is known to be a sanctuary for wildlife and home to the Dingo and it provides the opportunity to observe the natural activity of these animals in the wild. Palace Adventures understands the importance of educating their guests about the guidelines put in place by Queensland Parks and Wildlife in order to help protect the Dingo and themselves. A strict policy of never interacting with the animals and appreciating them from a distance is relayed to the guests before they even set foot on the island.

Palace Adventures is a great example on how to provide visitors with a close up view of this beautiful destination and educate them about the local flora and fauna whilst having a minimal impact on their surroundings.

We are thrilled to recognise Palace Adventures commitments to sustainable practices and low-impact tours through their newly attained Ecotourism certification!

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