Congratulations to Pacific Whale Foundation for achieving Advanced Ecotourism certification

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Congratulations to Pacific Whale Foundation for achieving Advanced Ecotourism certification! 

Pacific Whale Foundation has carried over five million guests on their eco-cruises in Hawaii and are expanding to Australia's very own Hervey Bay.

Driven by research and conservation, Pacific Whale Foundation eco-cruises are led by a team of certified Marine Naturalists who explain and interpret the social behaviour of humpback whales. Drawing from 35 years of whale research and conservation, Pacific Whale Foundation offers the most educational and innovative whale-watches in Hawaii - a standard that will be upheld on the Australian tours. 

Pacific Whale Foundation has conducted research for decades, including studies of coral reefs, wild dolphins, toothed whales and humpback whales in Hawaii, Ecuador and Australia. All their marine naturalists undergo training to ensure that they are up to date with the latest research and environmental policies.

Because education and research are important to Pacific Whale Foundation, they maintain concession rates for schools to teach them about the marine environment and humpback whales. 

Hervey Bay is an important migratory stop-over point for whales where you can observe many different social classes including mothers with calves. The area used by humpback whales within Hervey Bay overlaps with Marine National Park zones included in the Great Sandy Marine Park. This area also features a number of habitat types such as mangroves, mudflats and seagrass beds. These habitats are also used by other species including sea turtles and dugongs. 

Visit Pacific Whale Foundation's website to learn more about marine research, conservation and eco-cruises.


Image credit: Pacific Whale Foundation on Facebook.

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