Congratulations to Gang Gang Tours for achieving Nature Tourism Certification!

Posted by Aya Pigdon on 19 April 2017 | Comments

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We would like to extend warm congratulations to Gang Gang Tours for achieving Nature Tourism Certification for three of their products: Customised Private Group Tour, the 6 Day/5 Night Altitude to Sea Level Tour and the 4 Day/3 Night Snowy Mountains Hydro Majestic Tour!


Gang Gang Tours offers intimate and informative guided tours through the Snowy Mountains and along the Sapphire Coast of New South Wales. These tours include hikes through Australia’s High Alpine areas, wildlife spotting at the historic Green Cape Light Station, sampling of delicious local and multi-award winning food and wine as well as various outdoor, nature-based activities.

Operating in protected areas such as Kosciuszko, South East Forests, Ben Boyd, Bournda and Mimosa Rocks National Parks, Gang Gang Tours is committed to contributing to the conservation objectives of these areas, ensuring compliance with all environmental legislation and requirements as well as identifying and minimising all environmental or cultural risks and impacts from the operation of their tours.

Gang Gang bird

Gang Gang Tours is also climate change conscious and demonstrates efforts to reduce carbon emissions. These efforts include solar passive construction and the use of solar energy to power the home office, supporting local companies by sourcing local products where possible, ensuring all equipment is either recycled or of high quality, energy efficient and long-lasting and educating guests on the direct impact of climate change and other environmental issues.

Gang Gang Tours are a financial supporter of BirdLife Australia and the Bundian Way Project. They donate to these not-for-profit organisations to help them nurture and develop the regions in which they travel. They also suggest that guests on their website visit the World Wildlife Fund page to minimise your impact on the planet and calculate your ecological footprint.


We are pleased to have Gang Gang Tours on board with us, and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours in fostering a genuine understanding and appreciation of nature in their visitors and operating in an environmentally responsible manner!

Welcome aboard Gang Gang Tours to the Ecotourism Australia team!

If you want to discover more about their tours, you can visit their website or follow them on their Facebook page.

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