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Congratulations to Camel Treks Australia for being awarded Ecotourism Certification and Climate Action Business Certification for their tours: “Camel Treks” and “Camel trekking School Camp”.

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Camel Treks Australia provide camel riding day tours, fun-filled school trips, overnight camel riding safaris and extended camel riding treks from 3 - 15 days in Australia, Mongolia and India. Their Australian treks cover the outback regions of South Australia as well as the central Flinders Ranges, an atmospheric 650 million year old landscape, rich with opportunities for experiential learning.

Experienced cameleers provide a wealth of knowledge on local wildlife and people, and also on the history of the camels and their relation to the land.  Visitors get the chance to enjoy unique, breath-taking scenery, try their hand at camel husbandry and get to sample freshly made bush tucker meals.


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Camel Treks Australia run school trips, which provide a wonderful opportunity for outdoors learning. Students embark on an immersive nature-based journey of guided self-discovery, learning about wildlife and picking up some camping and cooking skills along the way.

This family run operator also incorporates a sustainable approach to their operations by encouraging visitors to take a chartered bus, rather than individual transport; waste is recycled or burnt and organic matter given to the camels. Camels are also fed with hay to avoid any degradation to vegetation along the route. Camel Treks Australia are dedicated to reducing their carbon emissions. These are minimal due to the nature of operations, however this provider have decided to measure their baseline emissions for the 2018 season.

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For more information about Camel Treks Australia, visit their website or Facebook page.

Congratulations once again to Camel Treks Australia for gaining Ecotourism Certification and Climate Action Business Certification and welcome to the Ecotourism Australia family!

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