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Flipping conventional ideas on their heads, Compass Business Advisory strongly believes that compliance doesn’t have to be a barrier for business. In fact, this company believes it can be a great business enabler when properly understood. That’s why Compass Business Advisory’s goal is to make a complex subject simple and easy to understand, helping businesses by offering timely and practical advice on how to use compliance as a guiding light towards success.

As big fans of the ecotourism industry, Compass Business Advisory also promotes becoming ECO certified as a great business development tool. Educating clients on the potential benefits of becoming ECO certified and offering services to help operators find the right certification program for their business, Compass Business Advisory assists operators with the application process from start to finish.

Compass Business Advisory’s experience lies in designing compliance solutions and management systems that are not only tangible for each client’s unique organisational culture but that will help the client achieve the lasting performance improvements required to stay compliant and meet certification requirements. For owner and self-made entrepreneur Kathleen Dale, that has always been the goal - to help small and medium sized businesses to achieve compliance with accountability, structure, and processes that provide them with wider experience and insight.


“It is not the people that work the hardest that achieve success,” says Kathleen, “It is the people that work the smartest!"

Using her Bachelor’s degree in Commerce (majoring in business) and years of experience working in heavily regulated industries (including roles in the financial, marine and engineering sectors), Kathleen utilised her expertise and drive to establish Compass Business Advisory - a team of honest, professional and inspired advisors to organisations in the private sector.

Thanks to Compass Business Advisory, there are now plenty of businesses across Australia able to maintain a compliant and sustainable business that protects the interests of not only its customers, staff, directors, and stakeholders - but also the environment.

We are happy to welcome Compass Business Advisory to our Ecotourism Australia family as a Business Member.


Interested in becoming an Ecotourism Australia Business Member? Find out more here.

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