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Congratulations to City Terraces Apartments Cairns for becoming a certified Climate Action Business! This accommodation identifies itself as a clean, caring, convenient holiday accommodation in the heart of Cairns CBD, but what it offers is much more. Popular with holiday makers and corporate guests who seek a quiet, green retreat, City Terraces Apartments Cairns has a communal feel which reflects the owners’ commitment to sustainability.

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Recognised as a local business sustainability leader (Cairns Post July 2019), City Terraces Apartments Cairns is a champion of local products, services and events. It sources locally grown and manufactured products wherever possible and partners with climate change action committed business Bunzl who supplies it with sugarcane pulp toilet paper, vegetable-based soap and pump bottle refillable amenities.

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Whilst still on the grid, City Terraces Apartments Cairns has invested in solar panels and investigated the electricity reduction benefits of LED upgrades in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint. Each quarter it rewards the apartment which uses the least electricity and publicises its "Eco Warrior Winners". Reusing and sharing of resources to reduce waste and emissions is encouraged by the free-cycle basket and community bookshelf where departing guests can drop off anything useable that they no longer need. Guests can also borrow Boomerang Bags for their shopping, a bike for travelling and request a City Terraces ceramic mug at the adjacent café. A fridge magnet teaches guests how to separate waste to make the most of Cairns’ modern waste treatment facility, which will be able to process PET plastic locally from mid-2020.

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As part of its commitment to sustainability, City Terraces Apartments Cairns has become a member of the Cairns and Far North Environment Centre where the managers attend climate change talks including "Anthropogenic climate change: what can we expect in the Wet Tropics this century." City Terraces Apartments Cairns is further involved in the local community via its support of Smile with Kids by donating room nights to charity auctions each year. The accommodation’s Facebook page abounds with posts promoting local sustainability and cultural events and initiatives including theYarrabah Music & Cultural Festival, Plastic Free July & Waste Levy 101 (library talk), and Cairns Indigenous Art Fair.

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With its lush gardens, saltwater pool, barbeque area and community herb garden, it’s easy to see why this accommodation is popular with visitors to Tropical North Queensland. The waterwise choice of native plants means the grounds provide living space, food and shelter to local wildlife, too.

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Once again, we welcome City Terraces Apartments Cairns to the Ecotourism Australia family, and congratulate the business on achieving certification!  

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