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Passion is contagious and the team at Wajaana Yaam Gumbaynggirr Adventure Tours’ passion is second to none. This team oozes positivity, a love for what they do, but most of all a deep pride in their roots. Wajaana Yaam is 100% Aboriginal owned and operated. This not only provides direct employment for local community members but also creates an authentic experience for the guests who participate in their stand-up paddle board tours and walks.

With approval from a local Elder, guests are treated to authentic, unedited stories of the local culture, language and bush tucker, something which owner Clark Webb says is an honour to share:

“We are very honoured to be in a position to revitalise, teach and share our Gumbaynggirr language,” he notes. “Language is at the core of all our programs and we are of the opinion that keeping language alive and passing on to future generations is the most important work to be done. [Also], storytelling in our experiences connects our guest to our country on a level that they wouldn't' think was imaginable before.”

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At Wajaana Yaam Gumbaynggirr Adventure Tours however, engaging the local community is not just about enriching the guest experience. Instead, the team has a much bigger goal:

“The tourism products that we deliver will support the language teaching programs that we deliver with the goal of opening a Gumbaynggirr Immersion School in 2021,” says Clark.

Already, Wajaana Yaam engage the local Indigenous community by directly donating and supporting a not-for-profit Aboriginal corporation which runs programs in education and culture for the Coffs Harbour youth. The business also offers training to young Goori youth that are interested in getting involved with appropriate workshops and learning. As Clark explains, the team is strong in their belief that language carries culture and that Aboriginal people who are connected to their language and culture achieve higher at school and in employment outcomes.

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With such an honourable mission, we think this is a team to be recognised and a story to remember.

Ngaraanga nginundi Yuludarla - Remember your story.

Thanks, Wajaana Yaam Gumbaynggirr Adventure Tours, for sharing your story with us!


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