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Ecotourism Australia (EA) would like to congratulate Zoos SA (Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Zoo) for becoming a certified Climate Action Leader.

Achieving this level of certification means Zoos SA has joined the top-ranking climate action leaders in Australia, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to incorporating strategic climate change responses across all relevant levels of business planning and operations.

For Zoos SA, which already achieved Advanced Ecotourism certification in March (EA’s highest level of ecotourism certification), this achievement once again exemplifies an exceptional commitment to responsible business practices and creating experiences that don't cost the earth.

This commitment is exemplified through several great initiatives:

Reduction in energy use…

Over four years, Zoos SA has put all the water feature pumps in exhibits, boards and all ponds and water features on programmable timers, so that over a three-year period, the zoos save 270,000 kWh (the equivalent of 175 tonnes of CO2-e).

Water saving measures…

Since June 2014, Zoos SA has partnered with SA Water and other high water users in South Australia to design a web based water management tool. This gives the zoos real time data on their water use so that they can identify water leaks and unusual usage patterns that can be addressed quickly to deliver future water savings.

Focus on recycling…

New waste streams have been progressively added to the list of items for recycling. Underutilised bays near one of the zoo’s workshops have become a mini transfer station, with recycling expanded to include solid and liquid organics, steel, concrete, timber, drink containers, plastic, cardboard, e-waste, medical waste and batteries.

The zoos have also introduced reporting to benchmark improvements, are charging tenants, such as restaurants and cafes, for their waste removal and continue to educate staff on separating waste.

Information for visitors on how they can offset their visit and make more sustainable choices…

Visitors are encouraged to save energy and water, choose renewable resources, implement the refuse/reduce/reuse/recycle principle and choose sustainable transport options to reach the zoos.

Employment of a full-time sustainability officer…

Zoos SA has employed a full-time sustainability officer to ensure the ongoing development and understanding of climate change initiatives.

Implementation of the Environmental Management Plan…

Zoos SA continues to work on the recommendations of its Environmental Management Plan, including making sustainable purchasing decisions and partnering with likeminded organizations and businesses.

Congratulations once again to Zoos SA and thank you for all the hard work you are doing to take care of our planet. 

Adelaide Zoo October 2016 100

[Picture credit: Zoos SA - Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Zoo]

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