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Congratulations to Whitsunday Segway Tours for achieving Ecotourism Certification for their Segway Rainforest Discovery Tour and their Segway Sunset and Boardwalk Tour.

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Whitsunday Segway Tours offers a unique experience for people to enjoy and learn about nature while simultaneously experiencing the joy of gliding along on a Segway. Although the two tours offer very different experiences, both provide ample opportunity for wildlife spotting and appreciating the aesthetics of Australia’s nature.

The Rainforest Tour takes guests throughout the spectacular Conway National Park along a designated track designed to showcase the rainforest’s unique flora and fauna. Guests have morning tea by Impulse Creek where they can relax by the clear waters and enjoy the peaceful sounds of the rainforest.

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To appreciate nature in an urban setting, the Sunset and Boardwalk Tour travels along the Bicentennial Boardwalk in Airlie beach and follows through to the Whitsunday Botanical Gardens. Guests then return to the coast at Cannonvale Beach where they can oversee the beautiful coastal views of Airlie Beach and the surrounding area. Arriving in time for sunset, the tour then takes guests to a local restaurant where enjoy a meal and relax while watching a spectacular sunset.

Whitsunday Segway Tours have strong environmental and conservational ethics and strive to encourage similar values in their guests. In addition to pointing out areas of interest and wildlife, tour guides are trained to educate guests on the formation of natural landscapes, local conservation efforts and environmental management strategies so guests gain much more than the aesthetic appreciation of nature.

segway boardwalkThroughout the tours, guides also monitor animal activity, the existence of invasive species and weeds as well as look for impacts and damage caused by others. Working closely with National Parks Service and sharing this information helps with conservation efforts and is one way in which Whitsunday Segway Tours supports environmental protection. Keeping on designated tracks throughout the tours also ensures minimal environmental damage occurs.

Sharing awareness of climate change and methods to reduce carbon emissions with their guests is another way Whitsunday Segway Tours supports environmental protection. They also have plans which are well underway to monitor and offset their carbon emissions and all Segways are charged using renewable energy.

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A discount is offered to locals demonstrating support and appreciation to the local community. Catering for the rainforest tour is sourced from local produce and is supplied to guests in reusable containers and all water bottles are collected for recycling minimising the chance of litter.

We are happy to see such great support for the environment and the community from Whitsunday Segway Tours and welcome them to the Ecotourism Australia Family!

For more information about Whitsunday Segway Tours visit their website or their Facebook page.


[Images taken from Whitsunday Segway Tours webpage and Facebook]



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