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Ecotourism Australia congratulates Tracks 4x4 Tagalong for achieving Nature Tourism Certification for their 4x4 tagalong tours. Some of the amazing destinations that Tracks 4x4 Tagalong can take you to are, The Simpson Desert, Cape York, The Canning Stock Route, The Gulf, The Darling River Run. To see what they are up to visit their website

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Photo: Tracks 4x4 Tagalong

The Oakhampton Heights based operator is a newly operational business led by Adam Smith and his wife Lynda. Tracks 4x4 Tagalong is a small family run operation in which Adam organises and runs the day to day functions of the business and Lynda takes care of the operation in the office.

The business offers adventures that can be experienced in a safe and professional atmosphere. Guests participate in an off-road tagalong trip that is developed with extensive knowledge of four-wheel driving. During the tour, the group will stop for walks along formed tracks only and during the drive, vehicles will avoid passing through sensitive areas such as alpine grasslands, dunes, salt pans, steep hillsides and new forests.

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Photo: Cape York Tagalong Tour / Facebook

Tracks 4x4 Tagalong offers overnight trips, with accommodation offered within the itinerary and the majority of those being camping based.

The tagalong 4x4 touring business is committed to working with local landholders to gain the full history of the location they are travelling through. These landholders may be the indigenous custodians, station owners or national park officers.

Tracks 4x4 Tagalong aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible and commits to only purchasing from environmentally responsible vendors. Where possible, supplies are bought locally, and local shops are supported during the tours. Vehicles are also serviced regularly. Adam and Lynda are passionate about running a sustainable business and strive for continuous improvement.

Congratulations to Tracks 4x4 Tagalong for joining the EA family! To learn more, visit their Facebook page or website.

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