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TRC is an award-winning international recreation, tourism and planning consultancy based in Australia and New Zealand, whose mission is to inspire solutions for people and places.

Renowned for their significant experience, out-of-the-box thinking and passion for the sector, the TRC experts, led by Director Janet Mackay, have a range of backgrounds, including park management, recreational planning, tourism and commercial development, marketing, economics, travel and cruise trade experience and project management. Their clients include both country and local governments, private investors, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), community groups and international development agencies.

Operating for over 25 years, TRC’s original specialty was in sustainable management of the interface between conservation and development. Whilst this remains central to the organisation’s work, the TRC team of experts now also delivers solutions in tourism planning, recreational trails, conservation, experience development, Indigenous tourism and destination packages both in Australia and around the world.

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TRC’s work in tourism planning includes:

  • Destination management and planning
  • Tourism strategies and development plans
  • Policy analysis and advice
  • Product and experience development
  • Market analysis
  • Marketing strategies
  • Strategic trail planning

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In Australia, TRC is a frontrunner in planning visitor experiences in regions with exceptional natural and cultural attractions, with projects including the Ningaloo-Shark Bay National Landscape Experience Development Strategy, Overland Track Vision and Management Strategy, Flinders Ranges National Park Trails Master Plan and the Queensland Ecotourism Investment Model.

Services in conservation, parks, protected areas and resource management include:

  • Park management plans
  • Visitor management and recreation planning
  • Master plans and site planning
  • State-wide park visitor strategies
  • Planning for World Heritage Areas
  • Urban open space planning
  • Visitor monitoring
  • Commercial business assessment
  • Staff training
  • Organizational change and operational reviews
  • Preparation and delivery of expert evidence for planning hearings
  • Planning investigations
  • Technical audits of third-party reports
  • Evaluation of conservation projects
  • Stakeholder and community engagement

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TRC also works extensively with indigenous communities, helping them to plan tourism enterprises and assisting in business and product development. In their work with Indigenous communities, TRC consultants take a partnership approach that respects Aboriginal culture and decision-making processes. Services in this area include:

  • Joint Management Plans for Indigenous-owned parks and protected areas
  • Strategic planning to protect Indigenous country and cultures and provide opportunities for employment and economic development
  • Tourism product development
  • Tourism capacity building – business planning, development, mentoring and training
  • Business planning and capacity building
  • Community planning

For more information, please visit the TRC website or Facebook page.

Once again welcome, TRC, to the Ecotourism Australia family!

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