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We are delighted to welcome Clean Travel to the Ecotourism Australia family.

The idea for Clean Travel came about while Macartan Gaughan was working on his first not for profit, Umbrella Trekking, and found it difficult to compete with large international organisations with massive advertising budgets.

He wanted to create a community of local travel organisations that offer unique ethical adventures and help them reach more clients online.

This led to the development of Clean Travel's booking and customer management software. Once set up, an approved operator can sell via Clean Travel's tours and activity marketplace and replace the old-fashioned enquiry forms on their websites with instant booking and payment technology.

Also, through its channel manager, an operator can apply to sell on other major global international marketplaces and manage all of this through the Clean Travel dashboard.

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For travellers, the marketplace offers the opportunity to connect with ethical travel operators. The platform aims to create a travel industry that is socially and economically beneficial for local communities and a culture that values respectful, ethical travel that strengthens the communities it touches, rather than undermines them. Whether travellers are looking for a cultural food tour or a nature tour, Clean Travel has partnered with several operators that offer a variety of immersive experiences spanning across four continents.

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Clean Travel certifies their ethical operators through a three-pillar approach. They look at what benefits the organisation is giving to their local communities and economy, how they celebrate cultural diversity and what work they do towards conserving and protecting the environment.

Committed to building a community of changemakers, Clean Travel also offers Karma loyalty points to travellers who book a tour, review a tour and refer friends. These points can then be used towards booking another tour and offer an additional marketing element for the tour operators partnered with Clean Travel. 

If you are an ethical tour operator, check out Clean Travel’s website to see how they can help you reach more socially conscious travellers.

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For more information about Clean Travel, visit their website or Facebook page.

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