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Larry Mulder’s idea for Envirodry single-use biodegradable towels came 15 years ago, to meet a need in the hair and beauty industry. In 2015, the business started, and it didn’t take long for Larry to realise that these 100% viscose, 100% biodegradable towels really worked, and would be ideally suited to other industries and businesses which launder a lot of towels, including ecotourism businesses.

Envirodry’s multi-purpose, environmentally friendly towels, which come in two colours and various sizes, are now being used in a variety of industries including healthcare, hospitality, beauty, sport and leisure.

They’re crafted using sustainable practices and made from plant fibre - usually spruce or pine from renewable timber sources. The factory in which they’re made has been producing viscose material for over 12 years and recycles water in the production process.

Envirodry towels 3

“The towels can be hung out to dry like any towel, and used several times, says Larry.

“They can even be washed and dried a few times and make an excellent cleaning cloth. Some of our customers even cut them up, wash them, then re-sell as ‘bags of rags’.”

So, what are the benefits to businesses?

According to Envirodry’s website, these towels reduce the amount of water normally used to clean towels, reduce the consumption of energy caused by washing and drying, and help reduce the carbon footprint of your appliances, also making them last longer because they are used less and don’t need to be replaced as often.

Mulch over a layer of towels

Mulch over a layer of towels

“The feedback about our towels is always great, says Larry.

“People like the idea of using a product that is saving water, but I it goes much further than just the saving of water, power and chemicals. The cost of transport for our towels is far less, when a carton of 100 towels takes up about as much room as 15 – 20 cotton towels. This also translates to less storage space needed for towels, and less handling by staff. For ecotourism [businesses], all these are great advantages over the traditional cotton towel.”

For more information about Envirodry, please visit their website or Facebook page.

We are pleased to Welcome Envirodry to our Ecotourism Australia business network.


[Photos from Envirodry's Facebook page]


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