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Studio S2 are specialists tourism destination architects and interior designers. We are experts in tourism, with a combined 20 years’ experience in destination architecture and interior design. Studio S2 Architects know the pitfalls to avoid and the sweet spots to target to maximise your return on investment. Our team has expertise in creation of travel experiences, application of brand, heritage, eco-design and access for all abilities.

At Studio S2, eco-design is no longer an optional extra - we build it into every project - our projects are inherently environmentally sensitive because we balance environmental impact, financial cost and value, and social effect for every decision.

Over the years, the team helped in the development including accommodation buildings, visitor centres and educational facilities throughout Australia. Studio S2 Architects are expertise in specialist areas include heritage, sustainability and interior design- from boutique to large scale projects.

Studio S2 About Us Staff

Married architectural couple Amy and Daniel combine their knowledge of sustainability and destination architecture to create uniqueness, memorability, functionality and brand awareness through your buildings and surrounds. Bringing interior designer to the team, Chelsea contributes knowledge on colour, clarity and concept. Together they focus on getting every detail of your tourism or destination building right, both inside and out.

When designing your building, their focus is 100% on you and your ideas. Using their own designed ‘Destinext’ action plan, they leave no detail in the process untouched which ensures they bring those things together in a building that is both recognisable as uniquely yours and that functions optimally for your operations.

To find out more about Studio S2 Architects, their projects and ‘Destinext’, please visit their website and Facebook page.

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