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Tree Hugger Travel is an ethical, independent tour and travel agency offering nature-based tours Australia-wide. Working with a network of Ecotourism certified tour operators and local family businesses, Tree Hugger Travel offers high quality tours and personalised itineraries for Australian travellers and international visitors.

Tours and Experiences

Tree Hugger Travel offers a range of eco-tours and nature experiences from the Great Barrier Reef to the Daintree Rainforest and stunning islands such as the Whitsundays, Lady Elliot and Fraser Island. For real nature enthusiasts Tree Hugger Travel offers expert birdwatching tours, nocturnal wildlife spotting and scuba diving expeditions. All tours and experiences are carefully selected by the Tree Hugger team, having experienced the tours themselves.

EA News Letter Image 2Image: Passions of Paradise | Cairns Eco Reef Cruise

Give Back While You Travel

As well as creating unforgettable experiences this ethical family business was set up to give back to nature. Customers earn Eco Rewards with every dollar they spend that helps protect some of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Tree Hugger Travel supports the ​World Land Trust’s​ “Buy-an-Acre” programme and funds the purchase of 1,000sqm of endangered wildlife habitat every time customers earn 1,000 Eco Reward Points.

EA News Letter Image 3Image: | World Land Trust Buy-an-Acre appeal & Eco-Rewards

Family Business

Tree Hugger Travel is owned and operated by two passionate travellers, John Whelan and Tina Satchell. The business was founded by John in 2016 after many years travelling and working within the tourism industry. He wanted to start something new, that came from the heart and gave back to the environment. “I started Tree Hugger Travel to be a business for good, to meaningfully give back to nature, and most importantly, to give travellers exactly what they deserve; honesty and epic adventures”, he said. 

EA News Letter Image 4
Image: Undara Experience Sunset Tour, FNQ | John Whelan and Tina Satchell


To learn more, visit Tree Hugger Travel's website, Facebook or Instagram.

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