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Hiking for mental health is the mission behind The Hike Collective. The Collective exists primarily to create awareness of the connection between movement and nature for mental health. Not only do they achieve this, but they also open the opportunity for locals and visitors to enjoy safe and sustainable hiking experiences in Western Australia through fostering organic connections and support for hikers.

The Hike Collective WA Walking Shoes

Formed in 2016 as a simple Facebook group, a few friends and clients of founder Kate Gibson began to see the effects of nature on their mental health and clarity.  Kate’s clients were talking, laughing and moving more freely about nature than they ever had before. The word quickly spread, and The Hike Collective grew into a fully-fledged company that provides opportunities for individuals and businesses to explore nature in one of the most organic and low impact forms possible with a group of like-minded people.

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The Hike Collective are currently selling out with hiking events of 100 people. They share their message and vision through social media with a reach of over 75,000 people. Their tribe of 17 volunteer hike leaders assists in making hiking in WA accessible and achievable for everybody.

The Hike Collective WA

The Hike Collective provides a hiking and nature experience that makes a positive impact on both the community and the environment. They have a minimal impact policy and practice the principle of ‘leave no trace’. The company puts a large emphasis on leaving trails and the natural environment as untouched as possible and the policies they have implemented promote the conservation of the ecological and intrinsic values of natural settings for outdoor recreation. Through their focus on environmental risk management and education for guests, they actively contribute to the management and upkeep of trails.

The Hike Collective WA Waterfall

We would like to congratulate the Hike Collective on achieving Nature Tourism Certification and welcome them to the Ecotourism Australia family.

Find out about this excellent company here.


[Photos: The Hike Collective]

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