Congratulations to Tanja Lagoon Camp for achieving Ecotourism certification!

Posted by Benjamin Maguire on 28 March 2017 | Comments

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A very warm welcome to our newest certified operator, Tanja Lagoon Camp (TLC), who have achieved Ecotourism certification for their luxury safari tents; a quintessential ecotourism experience.

Nestled in the Spotted Gums and Cycad Palms surrounding the beautiful Tanja Lagoon, located on the coast, about 3.5 hours south east of Canberra. This unique destination offers luxury safari tents as accommodation and experiential tourism to all interested.

Hosted by Sam and Loz, who have spent most of their working lives guiding and educating people in beautiful wilderness classrooms across the globe, guests can enjoy a variety of activities.

Bushwalking and nature watching in the Mimosa Rocks National Park and using the canoes and kayaks to explore around the lagoon are just a few of the activities available at Tanja Lagoon Camp.

The true beauty of Tanja Lagoon Camp is that you can do everything during your stay or nothing but enjoy the sounds of nature from your handcrafted Queen Size bed.

Tanja Lagoon Camp Safari Tent inside edited

Tanja Lagoon Camp achieved Ecotourism certification through their actions in educating guests about the local environment as well as actively participating in community efforts to protect and sustain the unique wildlife. Within the next twelve months, TLC plan to continue the reforestation of wildlife corridors through lowlands to connect forested areas. They have 250 trees ready to plant with further plantings planned within the year. TLC has also partnered with the local Bega Valley Shire Council to monitor water quality of the lagoon since it has been identified as a key habitat for several threatened species.

TLC also work in partnership with the Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness to assist an expansive citizen science survey of biological diversity in the surrounding area. Additionally, TLC assist the Local Land Council and New South Wales National Parks to monitor and carry out surveys on the population of the threatened long-nosed potoroo.

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Ecotourism Australia is very excited to have Tanja Lagoon as one of their members and looks forward to following their story.

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If you’re interested in staying at Tanja Lagoon Camp or want to know more about this environmentally friendly camp you can check out their website or follow them on Facebook here.

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