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Owned and directed by Janelle and Adam Marr, Step Beyond Strategy is a values-based strategy consultancy that helps its clients realise their business’ potential. Offering strategic advisory services andexecution support services across a range of sectors, Step Beyond Strategy focuses on understanding future landscapes and leveraging emerging opportunities - turning them into strong, functional and practical plans that deliver genuine environmental, social and financially sustainable outcomes.

StepBeyond couple shot stairs

Photo: Janelle and Adam Marr / Step Beyond Strategy Facebook

''We’re concentrating on meaningful projects that will have real impact and give back to community, society and organisations. Through futures thinking, we have the opportunity to create the future we want for our business, our community and future generations.” says Janelle Marr.

On top of the services they provide, Janelle and Adam have made some incredible social contributions over the years, getting involved with pro-bono sustainability projects, directorships and committee representation across a range of sectors and assisting with industry and community mentor programs. They are also very conscientious when it comes to finding ways to reduce their environmental footprint. So far, they have successfully implemented a water and material reuse and recycling program, they power their business with 100% renewable electricity and use electric bikes and hybrid vehicles.  Through biodiversity and native tree planting offsets, Step Beyond Strategy has become 100% carbon neutral.

We are happy to welcome Step Beyond Strategy to the Ecotourism Australia Business Community.

To find out more about Step Beyond Strategy, visit out the business' website here.

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