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Congratulations to Right Foot Forward WA for achieving Nature Tourism Certification for their adventure learning programs for youth and specialist adult adventure programs!

Right Foot Forward WA, the brainchild of founder Jocelyn Evans, provides opportunities for young people to engage in quality adventure learning experiences. These aim to increase their resilience, develop their ability to overcome adversity, give them a break from social media, increase their self-esteem, develop communication, initiative, leadership and teamwork skills, and increase their physical and mental health.

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Jocelyn’s experiences as an outdoor educator and youth worker and her interest in bush adventure therapy have provided a strong basis for her to deliver programs motivated by therapeutic principles. These range from one day programs to five to ten-day expeditions, tailormade for services, schools, community groups, families or individuals.

Right Foot Forward WA’s adventure learning programs for youth may include hiking, adventure caving, abseiling, rock climbing and mountain biking. All meals, camping and specialist equipment is provided. Participants have the chance to develop resilience and skills in communication, taking initiative, teamwork, leadership and decision making.

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The company’s specialist adult adventure programs address important issues that include the environment, human disconnection from nature, social isolation, loneliness, and bereavement, among others. The aims of these specialist programs are to build confidence in the outdoors, enhance participants’ connection with nature and empower individuals to become active participants in their lives and the environment.

All Right Foot Forward WA’s camps operate in national parks or state forests and are designed to not only enhance participants’ understanding of the environment, but of their own strengths and limitations. Whilst tours are based around personal development, guides incorporate leave no trace principles and other sustainable initiatives, such as teaching respect for any animals encountered, to all participants.

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Right Foot Forward WA is committed to conducting programs in an environmentally sustainable manner, and always seek to encourage others to appreciate how special and unique the environment is – and to value and respect it.

The business works hard to reduce waste, sources local products wherever possible and consults and works with local Indigenous stakeholders to ensure guests are provided with an authentic experience.

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Right Foot Forward WA’s outdoor adventure camps are currently offered in the Margaret River area, but also possible in Kalbarri, Dwellingup and Walpole.

For more information about their tours and principles, please visit their website or Facebook page.

Please join us in welcoming Right Foot Forward WA to the Ecotourism Australia community!


[All photos sourced from Right Foot Forward WA website and Facebook page]


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