Region X achieve Advanced Ecotourism, Climate Action & ROC certification!

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Kayak and Bike tour operator, Region X has achieved Advanced, Climate Action Business (CA) and Respecting Our Culture Certification (ROC) for their commitment to conserve and interpret local natural and cultural heritage, and take action against Climate Change.

Based in the stunning South Coast of New South Wales, Region X offers unique kayaking tours to Batemans Bay Marine Park and surrounding national parks. The tours include visits to pristine beaches, wildlife migration sightings and learning about local indigenous history.

Kayaking is one of the most eco-friendly ways to experience the marine environment. With top-of-the line sea and glass-bottom kayaks, Region X’s tours are a great way of experiencing Batemans Bay’s protected natural areas and their natural and cultural significance.

Bateman’s Bay is surrounded by natural beauty, boasting scenic beaches, the gorgeous Clyde River and stunning protected areas. Cullundulla Nature Reserve, for example, is rich in biodiversity and popular with all nature-goers from bird watchers to budding geologists.

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Region X’s kayak tours shows guests the diverse coastal landscape and wildlife and equally raises awareness and respect of local cultural and indigenous heritage. The Glass Bottom Kayak tour, for example, shares the importance of Cullendulla for the Yuin people, and the significance of their 12,000 year old cultural relationship to the area. The Oyster Trail, on the other hand, focuses on a much more recent history and the relationship of local oyster farmers to the Clyde River Estuary.

Region X is also commendable in its local actions to protect and preserve the natural heritage. As an example, the operator leads trips through Cullendulla Sanctuary on Australia day in an effort to clean rubbish brought in by heavy storms and strong winds. It also engages others in this activity by allowing the free use of kayaks in exchange for the collection of waste along the river.

In additions to this, Region X has played an active role in defending the Deua Valley from a proposed mining program upstream. The operator clearly recognises the importance of preserving natural and cultural heritage for future generations.

Ecotourism Australia commends Region X for their sustainable efforts and low-impact tours and recognises it as an exemplary Advanced Ecotourism, CA and ROC certified operator.

Learn more about Region X.

Photo Credit: Region X Kayak Experiences Batemans Bay NSW

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