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Ecotourism Australia is proud to showcase one of our operators who truly goes above and beyond in minimising their impact on the surrounding landscape and environment whilst providing their guests with an unforgettable and unique wilderness experience.

Ramada Eco Beach Resort is a multi award-winning eco resort set amongst the pristine and untouched Kimberley environment, just one hour drive south of Broome, one of the world’s most remarkable destinations.

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The accommodation includes 25 beautifully appointed, self-sustaining Eco Villas interlinked by over 1km of elevated wooden boardwalks, and 30 luxurious safari-style Eco Tents. 

The centerpiece of the retreat is Jack’s Bar on the ocean front featuring a restaurant and pool deck with an alluring “infinity pool”.

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The Eco Beach Wilderness Retreat is a perfect place to unwind and relax with complimentary yoga sessions and full massage service available to guests, however they also offer activities to enhance the guests wilderness experience including nature walks, indigenous tours, kayaking, game fishing, beach fishing and bird watching.

Jack’s Creek brims with marine life whilst the flora and fauna of the landscape is both majestic and diverse. The beach provides a haven for nesting turtles whilst migrating whales frolic offshore.


Not only does Ramada Eco Beach Resort offer a relaxing retreat for their guests but they also have many processes in place to minimise their environmental impact, as well as contributing to local wildlife conservation. One example of "best practice" implemented at the wilderness retreat is the sustainable energy use. The Eco Villas are solar powered and virtually self-sustaining and any excess power generated is diverted into the Eco Beach grid and used where needed. 

Due to the remoteness of the resort, reducing water consumption is a key target. All waste water is recycled by using it to water the landscaped grounds, and all the toilet, sink taps and shower-heads are "lo-flow". Native plants are used on the grounds to reduce irrigation needs, and the servicing of the tents and villas are carried out every three days to reduce the water usage needed for cleaning.

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Other minimal-impact features include the patented "Eco Tent" design, ensuring maximum ventilation and air circulation, hence omitting the need for air conditioning.

Furthermore, the elevated boardwalks linking the Eco Villas are made from Eco Decking (a ecological sustainable decking) ensuring minimal impact on the natural surroundings. 

The activities offered by the resort are mostly wilderness based and they encourage appreciation and respect for the natural environment and indigenous culture. 

In regards to the contribution to local wildlife conservation, Ramada Eco Beach Resort sponsors and assists Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) with the "Eco Beach Sea Turtle Monitoring Program", a Wild Futures initiative.

In conjunction with Naturewise Ecoescapes, a not-for-profit tour operator owned by Conservation Volunteers Australia, Ramada Eco Beach Resort hosts the "Eco Beach Sea Turtle Monitoring Program" which enables their guests to play an active role in monitoring the local Flatback Turtle population during their rewarding travel experience.

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Located in the natural surrounds of Ramada Eco Beach Resort, this scientific research program collects valuable data on nesting Flatback Turtles.  Under the guidance of Conservation Volunteers' marine species research assistants, volunteers spend their time patrolling sections of the beach gathering scientific data on the species. Research activities include recording nests and tracking data, as well as tagging and measuring turtles and counting their eggs.

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Ecotourism Australia congratulates Ramada Eco Beach Resort for their conservation efforts and commends them on their best practice features implemented to reduce their ecological footprint.

For further information about the Ramada Eco Beach Resort please visit their webpage and follow them on Facebook.

For more information about the Eco Beach Sea Turtle Monitoring Program and Naturewise Ecoescapes, please visit their webpage and follow Conservation Volunteers Australia on Facebook.

Photo source: Ramada Eco Beach Resort webpage, Ramada Eco Beach Resort Facebook page, Naturewise Ecoescapes webpage

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